Slide & Negative Scanning


  • Your slides contain your life's fondest memories but unfortunately the film medium that holds them disintegrates over time.  Converting them to electronic images preserves them forever and gives you the ability to easily show and send them to others.  Please know that we take the utmost care of your slides when you entrust them to us.
  • You can bring your slides to us in carousels, sheet protectors, or even bound in batches with rubber bands.  As compared with some other companies, there is no extra charge for how you submit them. 
  • We dust the slides prior to scanning and return them to you the same way we receive them.
  • We scan at 4000 dpi, the highest in the industry, on the best quality Nikon scanners – No charge (as compared with some competitors)! This allows you to print even large photos from the images with good resolution.
  • We do Color / Brightness / Contrast correction of your images at no extra charge.
  • We create USB Drives or DVDs with your .jpg or .tif images so that you can copy them to your computer.  There is a $10 fee for 16GB USB drives and a $15 fee for each DVD created.  (A 16GB USB Drive holds approximately 1500 slide .jpg images and a  DVD holds approximately 500 slide .jpg images.)
  • We also can create slide show DVDs that can be played on your DVD player or computer complete with titles and music of your choice for a small fee.
  • We have some of the lowest prices in industry:  .43/slide for over 1000 slides, .50/slide for 500 - 1000 slides, and .56/slide for under 500 slides.
Please call or email before dropping off slides or negatives to arrange a time - Click Here to contact us and get directions to our office.