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  Acadia offers the following Photo scanning / conversion services:

Your photos are extremely valuable and sometimes very sentimental for you and your family.  However, the pictures fade over time and the paper they are printed on degrades as well.  Converting them to electronic images preserves them forever and gives you the ability to easily show and send them to others. 

  • You may bring your photos to us in albums or in envelopes of any size.  If in albums, there may be an additional charge for removing them and putting them back in the albums.  If the photos cannot be removed from the albums, we can still scan them, but the charge will be much higher because each photo must be scanned on the glass and cropped individually rather than put through an automatic feeder.

  • We dust the photos prior to scanning and return them to you the way we receive them.

  • We scan at 600 dpi, the highest in the industry, on the best quality Kodak photo scanners - many charge extra for this resolution.  This allows you to reprint even large photos with good resolution.

  • We do Color / Brightness / Contrast correction of your images at no extra charge.

  • We create USB Drives or DVDs with your .jpg images so that you may copy them to your computer.  There is a $10 fee for each 16GB USB Drive or a $15 fee for each DVD created.

  • We can create photo show DVDs that can be played on your DVD player complete with titles and music of your choice for a reasonable fee.

  • We are a Seattle company and do all the work locally so your valuable photos can never be lost in the mail.

  • We have some of the lowest prices in industry:  .43/photo for over 1000 photos, .50/photo for 500 - 1000 photos, and .56/photo for under 500 photos.

Please call or email before dropping off photos to arrange a time and get directions to our offices.


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